About us

RAK Petroleum plc succeeded to substantially all the assets, liabilities and business of its former parent company RAK Petroleum PCL in November 2014 and promptly listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange with a continuing mission to generate significant shareholder value from investments in the oil and gas industry, focusing on the Middle East and North Sea regions.

In October 2022 the Company distributed most of its assets to its shareholders, including a 49 percent stake in DNO ASA, a prominent Norwegian oil and gas producer, and has entered voluntary liquidation on 21 October.

Investor relations

RAK Petroleum plc is a public limited company established under the laws of England and Wales and listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange in Norway (ticker: RAKP) until 21 October 2022. Trading in its shares was suspended on 12 October 2022 and the Company has entered voluntary liquidation on 21 October. Shareholder information and reports appear in this section.

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